Marin, Gaber, Mojca

We are excited to announce that we are finally done! Our album BREZNO is here in zeros and ones and also in matter. 

If you are here by mistake don’t worry you can listen to our brand new album on the following platform by clicking the many links bellow. 

the many links below

spotify apple store youtube deezer tidal

and also you can choose our music to make cringe and funny videos and msg on these platforms

tiktok twich instagram snapchat

Because of our way of thinking we didn’t anticipate nothing, we didn’t manage any promotion yet just because we know that doesn’t matter at all. The excitement of making and distributing an album is huge for an artist and also very stressful. So, we agreed to take small steps or even back one and do it in our way.

In the future you will be a witness of … probably nothing that you’ve ever seen but I like to mess with you. :))