GoodFreddy Chronicles


Behind the Band

Espresso your self…. we are two mammals with the same tooth paste taste. Quite often we debate (just so you know).

Did you ever realize how the taste is misleading? When (if) you wash your teeth and you get that strong paste taste that kills all other tastes… sometimes is not clear what is the real taste and what is not.
Today we are maltreated by everything and in all and all we must admit that we have a tooth paste in our brain (conscious and subconscious) we can’t taste anything:(

We are here to identify that taste and if it’s awful, we can’t help.

Peace to you, you and you too.

Good Freddy are:

Mojca Ferle – vocals, guitar

Marin Knežević – drums, guitar, back vocals, PC

that’s it:)

Good Freddy logo by Philos Sophia
Pics by Mojca Ferle