EMA ga noče, pa kaj.

To je ta poskočna pesem, ki smo jo ponudili EMA – Eurovision Slovenia oz. EMA Pesem ponosno nosi naslov – Šovinist

SSKJ ● ekspr. moški šovinizem prepričanje moških, da so več vredni kot ženske.

● mȃčo -a m ‛pravi moški’ in ‛moški šovinist’ = novolat.‛virilitatis propugnator’ (20. stol.).

Del besedila:

Prazna lobanja,

poveznjen klobuk,

cigara v luknji,

v belo oblečen trup.

Lep sem, lep bom,

v družbi delam hrup,

povem dva vica,

v drink ti zlijem strup.

Zgodovina sobivanja ženske in moškega je “surova”. Le redki so vedeli, kaj je to ljubezen. Pravijo, da je moralo biti tako. Kako pa je danes s sobivanjem in ljubeznijo?

Glasba in besedilo: Mojca Ferle in Marin Knežević

Produkcija: Alen Fekonja – Feko

Šovinist nap novi singl

Good Freddy’s Upcoming Release: A Track That Speaks Volumes”

For now, I’ll just say that we, Good Freddy, mixed a new track with Alen Fekonja – Feko (my generation) ❤️, which talks about… Heavy topic. 😇 To be continued 😁.”

In the meantime, you can listen to our very first album, ‘Brezno’. And of course, you can buy it too!

Gig at Libertas

Well, well, well, look at us, surviving the gig at “Skladilšče Libertas” on June 21st. It’s a miracle we made it through. We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the supporters and visitors who endured our questionable musical talents. And of course, a big thank you to the organizers and staff who probably questioned their life choices during our performance. We can now proudly say we’ve left an everlasting memory, or maybe just a headache, in everyone’s minds. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the chaos, check out the link below. Trust us, it was the shortest night – and sanity – of the solstice. 🙂 😍

The Buzz Before the Storm: Good Freddy at Libertas Festival

Before we let loose our punk poet magic at Libertas Festival, some pretty rad media outlets were already talking about us. Check out these pre-gig mentions that prove we were a part of the festival’s buzz from the get-go.

Live at Libertas Festival 3 Koper-Capodistria 21.6.23

We will be there at 20:00 on the 21st of June 2023, even though it is a Wednesday 🙂 Do you know what that day is as well? It’s World Music Day (Fête de la musique) 2023. The Libertas Festival 3 starts this Friday, the 16th of June 2023, and ends on the 22nd of June 2023. Besides our performance, there will be quite interesting things to see. Check it out, don’t be lazy.

Libertas Festival 3

Praznik glasbe 2023