🎥 Exciting Update! 🎶

We’ve just begun shooting our new music video for an upcoming song. While we’re not revealing the title or storyline just yet, we can promise it’s going to be an interesting challenge. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of our creative process. The big reveal is on the horizon! 🌅

Shooting at Provideo Solutions

Good Freddy’s Upcoming Release: A Track That Speaks Volumes”

For now, I’ll just say that we, Good Freddy, mixed a new track with Alen Fekonja – Feko (my generation) ❤️, which talks about… Heavy topic. 😇 To be continued 😁.”

In the meantime, you can listen to our very first album, ‘Brezno’. And of course, you can buy it too!

Gig at Libertas

Well, well, well, look at us, surviving the gig at “Skladilšče Libertas” on June 21st. It’s a miracle we made it through. We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to all the supporters and visitors who endured our questionable musical talents. And of course, a big thank you to the organizers and staff who probably questioned their life choices during our performance. We can now proudly say we’ve left an everlasting memory, or maybe just a headache, in everyone’s minds. If you were unfortunate enough to miss the chaos, check out the link below. Trust us, it was the shortest night – and sanity – of the solstice. 🙂 😍

The Buzz Before the Storm: Good Freddy at Libertas Festival

Before we let loose our punk poet magic at Libertas Festival, some pretty rad media outlets were already talking about us. Check out these pre-gig mentions that prove we were a part of the festival’s buzz from the get-go.

Live at Libertas Festival 3 Koper-Capodistria 21.6.23

We will be there at 20:00 on the 21st of June 2023, even though it is a Wednesday 🙂 Do you know what that day is as well? It’s World Music Day (Fête de la musique) 2023. The Libertas Festival 3 starts this Friday, the 16th of June 2023, and ends on the 22nd of June 2023. Besides our performance, there will be quite interesting things to see. Check it out, don’t be lazy.

Libertas Festival 3

Praznik glasbe 2023

Good Freddy Unleashed: An Electrifying Art-Punk Confession on Radio Kapital

Get ready for an electrifying 60-minute ride with Good Freddy, the audacious art-punk band from Izola. On May 5th, 2023, at 12:00, tune in to Radio Kapital for an exclusive confession. Brace yourself as Good Freddy breaks free from local confines, challenging the music scene with adrenaline-fueled chaos. Prepare for mind-bending melodies, irreverent lyrics, and a sonic rebellion that will leave you begging for more. Surrender to the madness, let their unfiltered thoughts ignite your soul. Fasten your seat belts, because once you step into Good Freddy’s world, there’s no going back. This is just the beginning of their audacious journey. ❤️

If you missed the show, here is the link: Radiokapital

Mojca and Marin stand beneath a tall spruce tree, enjoying the bright sunshine

National TV Debut: Our Video Premieres on RTVSLO 2 / Videotrak

Our Epic Music Video ‘Osebni razpad’ Dominates RTVSLO 2 / Videotrak Show, Unleashing Pure Awesomeness! Today, the television world trembled as the gates of visual brilliance swung wide open. Brace yourselves, mortals, for we witnessed the grand premiere of our mind-blowing music video ‘Osebni razpad’ on SLO 2’s infamous Videotrak show. Hooray! Surrender to the magnificence!


v živo na nacionalki #rtvslo first time on national tv #goodfreddy #good_freddy #videotrak #slo2 @RTVSLO.SI

♬ original sound – Good Freddy

First concert with Good Freddy at Bife pri kralju – Largo pri špini

The premiere took place yesterday, 10/02/2023, at 18:00. 👑 It was sunny in every sense. 🌞
Thank you to everyone who came and also to those who left. Special thanks to Mef’s family, who kindly hosted us at Bife pri kralju – Largo pr’ špini, encouraged us, suggested us, not to mention their excellent “chilikonkarne” 🍲

2nd album review by Vanja Pegan


Good Freddy je zasedba, ki s svojo glasbo nedvomno živi svoj čas tako v smislu žanra, kot v smislu sporočilnosti svoje glasbe. Morda lahko zvoku pripišem odmev zgodnjih osemdesetih, tedanje nove romantike, ki me s hipnotičnimi loopi ponese (najbolj izrazit 4 taktni loop v komadu SAVE US) v značilno privzdignjeno vzdušje. Ko vse skupaj le še potrdijo prezentna tolkala, sploh pa njihova himnična, na trenutke malce teatralična postavitev, glasba kar dobro sede. Tudi kitare, njih značilni zvok, in synthi zvenijo prepričljivo. Vokal je interpretativno malce odmaknjen, ni patetičen in na trenutke – to je moje skromno mnenje – malce preveč »v ozadju«.

Album je glasbeno in v besedilih zelo temačen, a v mojem dojemanju nikakor ne turoben. Temne strani so del naših življenj, a navkljub vsemu, (»Bravo Mojca!« op. av.) zaslišimo skladbo HIMNA, ki je tako nepretenciozno svetla, čeprav zapeta mirno in resignirano.

Besedila so prodorna in dobro zlita z glasbo, to daje albumu uravnoteženost. Besedila Mojce Ferle so angažirana, dobro napisana in iskrena. Piše v slovenščini in angleščini. Iskrenost v vseh segmentih ustvarjanja generira kvaliteto, seveda je za končni izdelek potreben tudi talent…. Imaš to, GOOD FREDDY.

Album je izvirno likovno opremila / interpretirala Philos Sophia Ferle Knežević

GOOD FREDDY so: Mojca Ferle – vokal, kitara / Marin Knežević – back vokal, kitara, bobni, PC / miks, snemanje, produkcija – Gaber Radojevič – Parametrik studio & Good Freddy

Link to the original post: https://www.facebook.com/vanja.pegan/posts/pfbid02TTAgdLxpFM768o46gge4netqYptuBCXcvQ1qccWuME5b6MFtHRJAbgr8fivWJF73l


EN version:


Good Freddy is a band that undoubtedly lives its time through its music, both in terms of genre and in terms of the messages their music conveys. Perhaps I can attribute the sound to echoes of the early eighties, the then-new romanticism, which takes me away with its hypnotic loops (most notably the 4-beat loop in the song SAVE US) into a characteristically uplifted mood. This feeling is only reinforced by the current percussion, especially their anthemic, at times slightly theatrical arrangement, which sits really well. Even the guitars, their distinctive sound, and the synths are quite convincing. The vocals seem a bit distant in interpretation, are not overly emotional, and at times – in my humble opinion – are a bit too much “in the background.”

The album, both musically and in its lyrics, is very dark, but in my perception, it’s not melancholy. Dark sides are part of our lives, but despite everything (a shoutout “Bravo Mojca!” by the author), we hear the song HIMNA, which is so unpretentiously bright, even though it’s sung calmly and resignedly.

The lyrics are piercing and blend well with the music, giving the album balance. Mojca Ferle’s lyrics are engaged, well-written, and sincere. She writes in Slovenian and English. Sincerity in all aspects of creation generates quality, but of course, talent is also required for the final product… You have that, GOOD FREDDY.

The album’s original visual design/interpretation was done by Philos Sophia Ferle Knežević.

GOOD FREDDY members are: Mojca Ferle – vocals, guitar / Marin Knežević – backing vocals, guitar, drums, PC / mix, recording, production – Gaber Radojevič – Parametrik studio & Good Freddy.